If you want believable color then look no further- Glenn has a unique talent;

He can color your hair and it will look like the natural color God gave you or the natural color you wish God gave you ( wink, wink)! As a red head with gray creeping in and I’m not kidding ( it is beginning to take over), all the hair stylists before Glenn made my hair look fake or too dark. I even left a salon with firetruck red hair around Halloween! My husband thought I had bought spray and sprayed it for Halloween. I had given up completely until Glenn colored my hair. I waited over a year to color my hair then I booked an appointment with Glenn. Now my hair looks natural. Glenn even used my gray stands to look like highlights! Isn’t that amazing!!! He originally wanted to color all over with highlights. After listening to me and considering my budget, he came up with a plan that works for me. No one has ever taken the time to actually get to know what I want and make it happen. Glenn really worked his Magic!!!! So if you want to try something different- perhaps a color you always admired and never thought about or if you just want your natural color back then you can trust Glenn. BTW – I trusted him with permanent hair color which I have never let anyone use on me until now. We are lucky to have someone this talented in Clemmons. This is the kind of stylist people fly to NYC to find. I feel blessed he chose N.C. to call home.