I went to see Glenn for the first time today for a CONSULTATION.

I have waited for years for a stylist who would actually sit down with me and take the time to listen, to examine my hair, to get to know me a bit, and to present a workable plan going forward. Today that is exactly what happened….and more. He sincerely cares about my preferences but is honest about what is possible. I can already tell he will balance accommodating some of my preferences while encouraging me to think out of my own box. Clearly he is an artist and a people-person – fabulous combo. I truly believe he can make me feel beautiful. But my own beautiful not some pre-determined image. One last thing: unfortunately I do not have unlimited resources. He heard me on that and made suggestions for things I can do to tweak the plan and things I can do at home. I am thrilled. Counting the days til we get started.