I was sure I’d gone through the looking glass like Alice when I had my first visit to Glenn David’s Studio.

What hairdresser spends 2-1/2 hours with you?? And only you! Uses 20 pieces of heavy duty foil when adding highlights?? Mixes colors as beautifully as Michelangelo did painting the Sistine Chapel?? Takes ample time to educate you on product application and using tools effectively to do your hair at home?? Provides surroundings that gently take your mind and heart to a place of serenity and beauty?? Who does all that??? GLENN DAVID, THAT’S WHO!!! When I met Glenn, my hair needed to be in ICU or perhaps, a hearse. In fact, I told him after the first visit — as I sat stunned by what I saw in the mirror —- that he’d taken my brittle, broken, frizzy, dull, and listless hair and brought it back to life. Saying Glenn’s a master hair colorist is an understatement; my hair is luxurious with hues that give it depth and interest. Imagine having hair color mixed especially for you! It’s like you’re a movie star. I know his haircuts are great because my hair, although longer, maintains its shape between visits. Glenn will teach you about techniques, tools, and products to ensure good results at home. During every visit over the last 1-1/2 years, he listens closely to my ideas and needs, advises, and makes changes as needed. But it’s really Glenn himself that makes my visits so special. I leave feeling wonderful no matter how I felt coming in. Glenn is a caring person and has a joyous energy that always lifts my spirits! Thank you, Glenn!

No Walk-in possible. By Appointment only