I have been going to Glenn for 7 years now.

I started with a consult and thus entered a time of trying patience as we got my dry, brittle, fine chopped up hair into shape. Fast forward a few years later and i constantly get comments how how beautiful my hair is. And, as a bonus, I am able to have LONG hair – I had given up on anything but a shoulder length lob! My hair is shiny, healthy, and grows quickly. His skills with color are nothing but magic. He tackled my daughter’s naturally blond hair that she had dyed black from a box with grace. Her hair, too, is now gorgeous, soft and shiny after all that damage and back to her gorgeous blond! Yesterday I went to Glenn wanting to bring my blond down to a darker blond. I was fully prepared to have to go 2-3 times to get the color I wanted, as the sun had bleached out my hair. Well, I left his salon with the EXACT look I wanted, and it was way BEYOND my expectations! My fiancee and daughter (my biggest critic) were floored at how beautiful it is, and how it so matched my coloring! Glenn is a MASTER’S MASTER at his craft!!!! And, let me mention, I am 53 years old with the healthiest, shiniest hair I have had since my childhood! And the fact that Glenn is a truly awesome person with a beautiful soul just makes the whole experience even better!