Glenn is the Picasso or Rembrandt of hair color and styles.

From my first experience to current is that I am sitting before a rare gifted artist and my hair is his canvas. If you watch the way he brushes your hair, stands back and looks and ask you what you are looking to achieve…rest assured he has visualized the masterpiece. Trust him, listen to him, ask what he would like to do is very key to your satisfaction and outcome. As he colors your hair it is an unique experience as he mingles and paints the colors that are best suited to your skin tone and eye color. Then watching him cut your style is beholding a master of his craft designing the best cut for you. He is not a “Cookie Cutter” designer/artist. I have very long hair and it never looks like anyone else style but my own. Glenn has this addictive hair gloss after coloring if you allow him to apply will have you addicted after seeing the outcome. It’s lasts a while and your hair looks so vibrate and healthy. I drive from Virginia and will not let anyone else touch my hair. My job in travel plus Covid put me months behind in color and cuts. I would not let anyone else cut or color my hair for the 9 months and suffered through it. He is worth the wait to get the personal service. Glenn has the incredible gift of remembering you, your cut and style, likes and dislikes and personally things about you that you have shared job, family etc…Believe me when I say he is worth your investment into yourself. We all have been through a tough time the past year or maybe in life. When you arrive at his salon it is nestled in a most serene wooded area with nature and a peaceful environment. This is my kind of pampering the environment, professionalism, skill, artistry and the experience of one of God’s masterpieces which is Glenn.