If you need a new look, I would highly recommend him!

After 3 years of “Covid” hair growth, I looked really shabby. Glenn David persuaded me to rid myself of all of my hair problems with a new very short haircut. I have had it a week and it is wonderful! His salon is very pleasant and he is not only a great stylist, but is also very entertaining. If you need a new look, I would highly recommend him!

Maggie Chambers

I searched reviews online and found he was selected as one of the best in the area

I found Glenn over four years ago after a terrible experience with another salon. I searched reviews online and found he was selected as one of the best in the area. I set up a consult, and Glenn graciously listened for quite awhile during our first visit as I recounted my recent horror haircut/color. He was sympathetic and caring, but he was also honest with me in what he was able to do right then and what would take some time. I was impressed and willing to give it a try. Today, I am still with Glenn and he continues to deliver great services. I frequently get compliments on my hair color, and my hair has never been healthier. I highly recommend the gloss treatment along with color/highlight services! Glenn is a decent, caring man who loves God and treats his clients with respect and kindness. That attitude is SO refreshing in today’s world. He also has many years of experience that guide his highly professional work. Glenn is truly an artist in helping each person look his/her best. He is a gem!


The color is always perfect, as are the cuts!

5 years ago I moved to Winston Salem, and immediately began searching for a hair colorist and stylist. I had joined a gym and the owner had beautiful hair, so I asked her, who is your stylist? She immediately responded with Glen! You have to go! He is the best! She was not wrong! We have since left Winston Salem, but once a month I drive 2 1/2 hours for Glen to do my hair! The color is always perfect, as are the cuts! He has also taught me a lot about hair and how to recreate the styles on my own. The pastoral setting is so calming and relaxing. You have quiet “me time”! No, traffic congested parking lots, no crowded salons with other stylist, just quiet and calm, and most importantly , you emerge with beautiful hair! I look forward to my drive from Roan Mtn, TN to get my hair done by Glen. You should definitely try it.

Nina A

What a pleasant and enjoyable experience!

Glenn David has given my hair natural looking, beautiful color. He spends the time to truly understand what it is you want in cut and color. I am so glad I took a chance and tried him! I only wish I had found him sooner. Hands down, the best salon I’ve ever been to. I now have the very best color I have EVER had!

Kathleen K.

The condition of my hair and the color is way better than I could have anticipated.

I am super picky and had been with the same hairdresser for over two decades. I couldn’t imagine switching but the distance was increasingly problematic. I went on a search for someone closer to home and was prepared for a couple of botched jobs, just like you probably have gotten. I held my breath and jumped right in. May I say that I was happily surprised with the results. The condition of my hair and the color is way better than I could have anticipated. Thank you Glenn David!


First let me state that the location is simply beautiful!

It’s a real joy to be at his studio and to be surrounded by the relaxing and lovely decor. Honesty and excellence are what I found with Glenn David and when I left on my first visit, I remember realizing that it wasn’t only my hair that looked great, but that all of me looked great from the inside out. I receive so many compliments each time after my appointment with Glenn. I purchased my hair care products from Glenn, and they are amazing. I can never go back to “Over the Counter” products now that he has educated me on real hair care. He is a true blessing to know and a legit master with color and technique.

Jeri B.

He is a master at his craft.

Glenn has been coloring and cutting my hair for many years, left the salon today with a beautiful full copper highlight and I am loving the warmer tones for fall. He is a master at his craft, I highly recommend becoming a client! Over the years I have changed up my highlights and the finished product is always beautiful whether bold or subtle. The look is always believable and natural! The salon has a peaceful and tranquil feel. A unique and enjoyable experience each visit! Highly recommend Glenn Davids Hair Studio!

Liz S.

Glenn is fantastic.

After being recommended to him from a friend I have been getting my hair done by home since April. He has taken my hair from fried and damaged to beautiful silky smooth. My hair is so much stronger and healthier and no more dead ends. Now to talk about color. I’m a brunette who identifies as a blonde. 🙂 And there are many stylists out there who have trouble with this concept. Not Glenn. He knew exactly what I wanted and gave me that “money piece” I was looking for. The other thing is he appreciates and listens to you. He does one on one appointments so you don’t feel rushed or like just another client. He listens and takes his time making sure you get exactly what you want. While you are processing he offers you refreshments and snacks and you can even sit outside if the weather is nice. If you are looking for someone who will do your hair and do it right look no further. Glenn David is the best!!!

Sarah W.

I just moved to NC and was pretty stressed about finding a hair stylist.

I found Glenn David!!! You are not kidding he is a hidden gem! My color was perfect, as my natural color is brown with a touch of gray posing as a blonde that says it all!

Lori C.

I went tonight and spent 40 minutes with Glenn and was totally blown away.

Ok folks, I just got home. It’s 10:30 pm and my first visit with Glenn David. It has been over 3 years since I’ve had anything done to my hair. I am 63 and wanted to look 33. My hair was long, frizzy, totally gray and I always wore it on my head in a bun. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had numerous consultations over the last few years. But, I never went back. I would tell the hairdresser my desires and I was told NO, we don’t do that or that’s not in style etc. No personal treatment just get in and out. By chance,(if you will) I came across Glenn David’s website.

I went tonight and spent 40 minutes with Glenn and was totally blown away. To begin with his salon speaks volumes about him as a person. So beautiful ,peaceful and inspirational to look at. He listens to you, is honest and tells you the why’s behind his thoughts. He didn’t say NO you don’t want that. Glenn David asked the right questions to get to the bottom of my ideas. After, the consult he went to work. My hair was broken, split, dry and dull, so lifeless. I arrived at 5:50 pm and left at 10:15. WOW!! Haircut number 1 then foils of 4 to 5 different colors. Washing then Glossing!! Ladies DO the Glossing!! This man is such a perfectionist and enjoys making people happy. He can turn mud into gold. I have the most beautiful homegrown colors in my hair. He took tiny pieces and wove those 5 colors into my lifeless gray. My hair looks SO NATURAL!! I left feeling like a princess and when I arrived home, I knew I was a queen!!

I recommend this Salon to every person who’s ever felt they wasted money, time and thoughts on a colorist in a high priced salon.

Thank you for everything Glenn David. You are wonderful and truly a Master!

Sheila G.


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