I just moved to NC and was pretty stressed about finding a hair stylist.

I found Glenn David!!! You are not kidding he is a hidden gem! My color was perfect, as my natural color is brown with a touch of gray posing as a blonde that says it all!

Lori C.

I went tonight and spent 40 minutes with Glenn and was totally blown away.

Ok folks, I just got home. It’s 10:30 pm and my first visit with Glenn David. It has been over 3 years since I’ve had anything done to my hair. I am 63 and wanted to look 33. My hair was long, frizzy, totally gray and I always wore it on my head in a bun. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had numerous consultations over the last few years. But, I never went back. I would tell the hairdresser my desires and I was told NO, we don’t do that or that’s not in style etc. No personal treatment just get in and out. By chance,(if you will) I came across Glenn David’s website.

I went tonight and spent 40 minutes with Glenn and was totally blown away. To begin with his salon speaks volumes about him as a person. So beautiful ,peaceful and inspirational to look at. He listens to you, is honest and tells you the why’s behind his thoughts. He didn’t say NO you don’t want that. Glenn David asked the right questions to get to the bottom of my ideas. After, the consult he went to work. My hair was broken, split, dry and dull, so lifeless. I arrived at 5:50 pm and left at 10:15. WOW!! Haircut number 1 then foils of 4 to 5 different colors. Washing then Glossing!! Ladies DO the Glossing!! This man is such a perfectionist and enjoys making people happy. He can turn mud into gold. I have the most beautiful homegrown colors in my hair. He took tiny pieces and wove those 5 colors into my lifeless gray. My hair looks SO NATURAL!! I left feeling like a princess and when I arrived home, I knew I was a queen!!

I recommend this Salon to every person who’s ever felt they wasted money, time and thoughts on a colorist in a high priced salon.

Thank you for everything Glenn David. You are wonderful and truly a Master!

Sheila G.

A true artist is hard to find.To find someone who is so passionate with their work.

After going to the same hairdresser for years and years, I decided I needed a change. My stylist was doing the same thing every time, and the cuts and color were not what I wanted. He had stopped listening to me and was just doing his thing. I saw an ad for Glenn but it took me a year to make the scary change. It was a wonderful visit. Glenn is a very caring person and talks to you about what you expect from your visit. He asks lots of questions about your lifestyle and your likes and dislikes. He even encourages you to bring pictures of hairstyles and hair colors you like. Very unusual because everyone is in a hurry to get you in and out. I was amazed with the cut, color, and especially how my hair felt. I can’t wait to go back to see what we can accomplish together to have the hair I love. Thank you Glenn 🙏


My entire experience from start to finish was wonderful.

The first time with a new hairdresser is usually stressful and nerve-racking, but none of that happened with Glenn. He took the time to really listen. He was insightful, understanding, and patient. We discussed where my hair had been and in what direction we would be going with it. Glenn made me feel confident to ask for what I wanted for myself, even if he had to pull it out of me, lol. He discussed color and cut in detail. My hair was atrocious and after he finished, I felt new and pretty, light and fun! The color, highlights were beautiful. I walked out of there feeling great! The atmosphere was so comfortable and he went the extra mile making me a coffee and giving me a shortbread snack, covering my legs with a blanket, all while my color was setting. Feeling comfortable with your stylist is just as important as the color or cut you get and I’m glad I found Glenn ☺

Sharon B.

Time is the most precious gift and that is what Glenn “gifts” you when you step into his restful salon, tucked in the woodlands.

If you have been searching for a stylist who truly listens and works to make your hair the best it can be ….you have found your answer at Glenn David’s Salon. With his decades long experience in coloring and his artistic and creative abilities in styling hair, you are in good, caring hands. I feel so blessed to have found this peaceful oasis.
Plus, he is so much fun !!


What a man!

Glenn was my 90 year old mother’s hair stylist for 10 years! He made her look so beautiful and taught me how to style her hair between cuts. He has been trying to convince me to do something with my long, grey, lifeless, dull hair. I decided to be brave and allow him to color my hair with low and high lights…WOW what an amazing talent God blessed him with! If you want to be blessed and look your best call Glenn you will NOT be disappointed!

Sara S.

Let me just start by saying that after a year and a half, and three salons later I’ve been rescued.

It takes a pretty desperate person to get the courage to go on the internet looking for help, no word of mouth, nothing to go by except his bio and beautiful picture gallery of other rescues, was enough for me. Glenn David has done a fabulous job with my hair. I have had one disappointment after another, and was just sick and tired of never feeling like, EVER that I got what I wanted. He listened, counseled, and gave great advice about my hair, and he delivered. Thank you so much Glenn!

S. Murray

I have been blessed to find Glenn!

I moved here from Virginia Beach in 2017, and its been a long search for someone to get my cut and color both right. GLENN is in a class all alone. The absolute best Master hair stylist I’ve ever had. I took a chance with Glenn, and the chance completely paid off. His salon is a beautiful relaxing cozy little shop that he has fixed up beautifully. Just all around spa atmosphere. Glenn is a blessing to all he meets. Kind caring soul. I am privileged to call him my hair stylist. Thank you Glenn you are the best!!!

Tina G.

Where do I start? Fabulous, Amazing, and OUTSTANDING!!!!

My consultation was very educational. He knew exactly what I wanted and nailed it! I only wish I would found Glenn years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration. Glenn is my go-to FORVER!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!

Lissa W

Absolutely the best in the business!

I have incredibly difficult hair…a TON of it, naturally curly/kinky and the individual hair strands are thin. The worst combination. I can’t tell you how many stylists have thought they could blow dry it out, but failed. Let me begin by saying, if you can’t blow out my hair, I’m not going to see what else you can or can’t do. When I first met Glenn, I was so impressed with how beautifully he could style my hair.

Glenn is a master colorist. In his 40 years, he has learned everything you can imagine about color and what works. I can’t believe how he weaves in the highlights and makes my hair look naturally highlighted. His handiwork is amazing. He is someone who could clean up any mess you bring him.

He has remodeled the downstairs at his Clemmons home, creating a beautiful, tranquil hair studio. I love to relax while he does my hair and watch the deer roam outside. He has done everything to make this the most peaceful, remarkable space for his clients. The atmosphere is spa-like.

Glenn is an amazing person. I feel so blessed to know him, and look forward to seeing him every 3 weeks. I moved from Winston-Salem to Elkin, NC and now travel almost an hour each way to have Glenn take care of my hair. I have no plans of changing. When you’ve finally found “the best,” you stay. If you’re looking, stop. You’ve found your new hair-dresser.

Tina K.


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