Glenn is the Picasso or Rembrandt of hair color and styles.

From my first experience to current is that I am sitting before a rare gifted artist and my hair is his canvas. If you watch the way he brushes your hair, stands back and looks and ask you what you are looking to achieve…rest assured he has visualized the masterpiece. Trust him, listen to him, ask what he would like to do is very key to your satisfaction and outcome. As he colors your hair it is an unique experience as he mingles and paints the colors that are best suited to your skin tone and eye color. Then watching him cut your style is beholding a master of his craft designing the best cut for you. He is not a “Cookie Cutter” designer/artist. I have very long hair and it never looks like anyone else style but my own. Glenn has this addictive hair gloss after coloring if you allow him to apply will have you addicted after seeing the outcome. It’s lasts a while and your hair looks so vibrate and healthy. I drive from Virginia and will not let anyone else touch my hair. My job in travel plus Covid put me months behind in color and cuts. I would not let anyone else cut or color my hair for the 9 months and suffered through it. He is worth the wait to get the personal service. Glenn has the incredible gift of remembering you, your cut and style, likes and dislikes and personally things about you that you have shared job, family etc…Believe me when I say he is worth your investment into yourself. We all have been through a tough time the past year or maybe in life. When you arrive at his salon it is nestled in a most serene wooded area with nature and a peaceful environment. This is my kind of pampering the environment, professionalism, skill, artistry and the experience of one of God’s masterpieces which is Glenn.

Debbie Bolen

I drive an hour each way for Glenn to work his magic on my hair & it is worth every minute!

He is awesome with a God-given talent & my hair has never looked healthier, better or been easier to manage. We always have a detailed conversation when I want a change in color or cut so there are no surprises. He is truly a master with color, making it look very natural & giving me exactly what we discussed would be best. The cut is always just as good as the color. He gives great instructions & demonstrations while styling my hair so I can duplicate the look myself. His shop & manner are conducive to a very relaxing & enjoyable experience, well worth the drive!!! Thank you Glenn for your expertise!!!


Artist, chemist, instructor! Glenn is all of these and more.

On my first visit, he told me things about hair care that I had never heard. He is an expert at styling, while bringing the client’s personality to the forefront. After my consultation, I couldn’t wait to return for the work to begin. This is a true vocation for him, and his clients are the beneficiaries. The studio is charming, and the experience is unmatched. I could not be more pleased!


During the last year I let my hair go naturally gray.

I looked washed out because it was so white. Waaay more white than I wanted but didn’t want to keep touching it up every three weeks. Glenn added charcoal low lights and it turned out beautiful (and also gave me a great news cut!). Should only need touch ups every 3 months. He is a master with cuts and color. I would highly recommend his salon!!!


Fantastic, the color turned out better than expected, Glenn David “fixed” my hair.

I’m so excited to have my hair back the way it was once upon a time 😉 Glen David is a Maestro and master of color and hair styling. I’m on track now, looking forward to claim my hair back. Thank you Glenn, you are a special human being!

Liz Courts

Outstanding consultation!

Glenn David is simply the best, learned a thing or two about my hair that I have never heard before. I went for a consultation because I have been to Six hair stylist in WS area, with not very good results, only disappointing outcome. Glenn was so gracious to make time for me very early in morning,( he talk to me for 1 hr and half!!!) he saw and heard my frustration, from my color going wrong to bad hair cutting techniques , used by other hair stylists. He is going to rescue my hair, I can’t wait for my actual appointment this weekend. To be continued…

Liz Courts

Glenn is an artist and amazing with hair.

He listens, advises, instructs and works miracles with hair. I had a picture of a beautiful hairstyle and color and he made my hair look even more beautiful! He is an awesome person to work with and I am so blessed to have found him!!!


If you want believable color then look no further- Glenn has a unique talent;

He can color your hair and it will look like the natural color God gave you or the natural color you wish God gave you ( wink, wink)! As a red head with gray creeping in and I’m not kidding ( it is beginning to take over), all the hair stylists before Glenn made my hair look fake or too dark. I even left a salon with firetruck red hair around Halloween! My husband thought I had bought spray and sprayed it for Halloween. I had given up completely until Glenn colored my hair. I waited over a year to color my hair then I booked an appointment with Glenn. Now my hair looks natural. Glenn even used my gray stands to look like highlights! Isn’t that amazing!!! He originally wanted to color all over with highlights. After listening to me and considering my budget, he came up with a plan that works for me. No one has ever taken the time to actually get to know what I want and make it happen. Glenn really worked his Magic!!!! So if you want to try something different- perhaps a color you always admired and never thought about or if you just want your natural color back then you can trust Glenn. BTW – I trusted him with permanent hair color which I have never let anyone use on me until now. We are lucky to have someone this talented in Clemmons. This is the kind of stylist people fly to NYC to find. I feel blessed he chose N.C. to call home.

Deborah Robelot

I went to see Glenn for the first time today for a CONSULTATION.

I have waited for years for a stylist who would actually sit down with me and take the time to listen, to examine my hair, to get to know me a bit, and to present a workable plan going forward. Today that is exactly what happened….and more. He sincerely cares about my preferences but is honest about what is possible. I can already tell he will balance accommodating some of my preferences while encouraging me to think out of my own box. Clearly he is an artist and a people-person – fabulous combo. I truly believe he can make me feel beautiful. But my own beautiful not some pre-determined image. One last thing: unfortunately I do not have unlimited resources. He heard me on that and made suggestions for things I can do to tweak the plan and things I can do at home. I am thrilled. Counting the days til we get started.

Helen L

I have been going to Glenn for 7 years now.

I started with a consult and thus entered a time of trying patience as we got my dry, brittle, fine chopped up hair into shape. Fast forward a few years later and i constantly get comments how how beautiful my hair is. And, as a bonus, I am able to have LONG hair – I had given up on anything but a shoulder length lob! My hair is shiny, healthy, and grows quickly. His skills with color are nothing but magic. He tackled my daughter’s naturally blond hair that she had dyed black from a box with grace. Her hair, too, is now gorgeous, soft and shiny after all that damage and back to her gorgeous blond! Yesterday I went to Glenn wanting to bring my blond down to a darker blond. I was fully prepared to have to go 2-3 times to get the color I wanted, as the sun had bleached out my hair. Well, I left his salon with the EXACT look I wanted, and it was way BEYOND my expectations! My fiancee and daughter (my biggest critic) were floored at how beautiful it is, and how it so matched my coloring! Glenn is a MASTER’S MASTER at his craft!!!! And, let me mention, I am 53 years old with the healthiest, shiniest hair I have had since my childhood! And the fact that Glenn is a truly awesome person with a beautiful soul just makes the whole experience even better!


I have been a client of Glenns for 10 years.

He keeps my hair in great condition and the color is always beautiful.

Margery Ruch

Glenn has been working his artistry on my hair for about 10 years!

After my first visit with him, I would not consider going to anyone else. I followed him to his current studio, which is simply beautiful and truly a peaceful salon. I cannot give Glenn enough praise!


Going to the Glenn David Hair Studio was not only an amazingly pleasant experience, it was a life changer!

Glenn is an expert at hair color and hair health, and is brilliant at his craft. He looked at my hair during our comprehensive consultation and gave me expert insight, even before touching a single strand of hair. He then started me on a regimen of hair treatments and highlights, which have changed the texture and health of my hair. I have prettier and fuller hair than I have had in decades! Thank you, Glenn, for your eye for beauty and for your wisdom and expertise!


As Glenn styled my hair he gave step-by-step instructions that I find I could actually do at home!


Glenn is truly the best hair stylist I’ve ever had.

I fly from New York just to get my hair cut and colored by him! My hair has never looked so good and I always get compliments and people asking where I got my hair colored.
Jenna Y.

All I can say is Glenn is an absolute hair artist.

I came to see in desperate need of help, my hair was a mess and that was an massive understatement. He did his magic and I absolutely love the cut and color. He also taught me how to blow dry and style my hair beautifully at home. Thank you, thank you Glenn David for all you do, again you are truly the best and a genuine hair artist.
Brenda F.

I discovered Glenn 3 years ago when I moved to Winston Salem.

I saw a lady whose hair I loved, and asked Where!!!!!! She told me and I have NEVER regretted it! I have since moved from WS, but I drive 2 1/2 hours every four weeks to have my hair colored and cut. Truly the best!! His beautiful salon is so relaxing and peaceful, coupled with the knowledge that you will have a fantastic experience, is the highlight of my month!! Glen takes the time on your first visit to learn who you are! Which coupled with pictures of hairstyles you like, and his candid appraisal of whether your hair will do that style, you are given the perfect style for you!!
Nina A.

Every time I walk into Glenn’s hair studio, I’m met with a feeling of love.

My hair has transformed not just through appointments, but also his personalized advice. I would recommend 100000%!!!
Sirena L.

I have never had my hair look so good!!!

It is healthy , manageable,& easy to style. I cannot wait for each appointment ! I know not only will I leave looking fabulous , but spending time in such a wonderful, peaceful environment is like balm to my soul. Make an appointment today !!! You will be THRILLED with the result ?

Lori K

Glenn interprets my hair’s language; they speak to each other. Finally! A hair artist who gets it!

Miss T. B


I am finally in love with my hair color! He picked the perfect tone and highlight/lowlight balance and I LOVE the result.


Glenn is AWESOME! My husband could not believe the difference in my hair!

This was my first visit and I absolutely recommend him! He listens to what you have to say and tells you what is needed to get the beautiful back in your hair! The transformation that Glenn did to my hair in the one visit is amazing! I am looking forward to my next visit in 5 weeks!

Linda B.

Glenn did my hair for the first time today & I am still in awe of the results.

I am speechless & can only say, “Wow! I can’t believe my hair can look like this!” I first had a free, in depth consultation with Glenn & we discussed my hair, what I wanted & expected, what he had to offer, his recommendations & prices. He listened carefully & was not pushy. He has a God-given talent for reading people & their hair! My hair is very fine textured & thin but I now have volume & it is shiny & very healthy looking. He showed me how to get the same results as he was styling it. I will definitely be returning!



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