Glenn David is a master colorist.

I have never had someone of his caliber and talent color my hair. When he finished the color, it was a bit darker than I wanted, but over time it lightened up to perfection as he said it would. He is a delight to talk to and his studio is as welcoming as he is. Thank you Glenn for making my hair look better than it ever has!

Beverly B

Glenn David has been my hair stylist for over 4 years.

I was driving an hour each way for his services, but I am now driving 3 hours each way and he is totally worth it! After reading the reviews, there is nothing I can add that has not already been said. He is by far “The Best!!!” My hair color is absolutely amazing and looks so natural. He is a master colorist! Not only is he a master colorist, but he is just as good with cutting, styling, teaching techniques, etc. I am always blown away by the change in my hair when I see him, and I have nothing negative to say. I agree with all of the previous rave reviews! Thank you, Glenn, for using your God-given talent to make us look and feel more beautiful!!!


Glenn David’s salon is a respite from the busy-ness of the world.

He’s experienced and very skilled at what he does. My hair was in desperately terrible condition after years of mistreatment, and he has brought it back to health. More importantly, though, is his ability to listen deeply. He “speaks people” and he’s a compassionate listener. I missed my last appointment due to illness. My hair needs the attention of Glenn David Hair Studio. More importantly, MY SPIRIT needs to be in Glenn David’s serene space next week. If he has an opening, don’t hesitate. Take it.

Caron A.

Are you tired? In a rut? Lost your vim and vigor? RUN!! Don’t walk. Run directly to Glenn David and you will be a new person when you leave!

He took my frumpy, graying, frizzy hair away and left me with sassy eye-popping gorgeous hair that looks like autumn leaves falling! And on top of that he gave me a gorgeous style that even I, in my no-hair-talent-too-rushed-life, can somehow manage to style in a breeze and for which I receive nonstop compliments. Best time I ever spent! Best money I ever spent! If you don’t walk out of Glenn’s salon feeling like a million bucks it’s just because you’ve made up your mind to be miserable. And on top of his wonderful talent he adds kindness and compassion that will supercharge your day. Glenn, thank you for taking in this pitiful project and turning out a beauty! ❤️❤️❤️

Donna T.

Glenn is absolutely amazing!

He took the time to meet with me for a consultation so he could look at my hair and we talked about what I was looking for…and he actually listened! I trusted him with choosing my color and highlights because I had never done anything but box color from the store and he brought my hair to life! The color is amazing and he cut my hair into an actual style…that I can make look great with relatively low maintenance. I absolutely loved talking to him and getting to know him while he worked on my hair. I have kinda looked off and on for a hairdresser worth going back to for 20 years and could never find anyone that knew what they were doing AND listened to what I wanted. I’m done looking now! I’ve found him!


YES!!! Kudos to Glenn David!

He is indeed a gifted Master Colorist and great stylist! I liked what I saw on Glenn David’s website – layers that appeared to have fluid motion and were graduated down the head (not up the head), so I decided to try for an appointment. That was a great decision on my part! Glenn certainly utilizes his God-given talents and I walked out of his studio feeling as good as my hair looked. It obviously translated because more than one person said I looked great and asked what I’ve been doing…… It’s amazing what great rich color and an awesome cut & style can do for a girl! Can’t ask for more than that! Thank you Glenn!

Lois C

I have been going to Glenn for a year now and my hair has never been better!

He is so pleasant and makes the best cup of coffee! My cut and color are always perfect and my hair feels so much better. He is truly great at what he does and I can’t imagine my hair without him! My husband is also very pleased! No more complaining!

Dianne F.

Upon arrival I was a bit down and had lost confidence in my appearance, but by the time the appointment ended my spirits had been completely lifted and I felt hopeful about the health of my hair!!!

My dear friend, Debbie, shared her positive experiences with a most talented hairdresser, Glenn David, located in Clemmons, NC. Soon after we talked, she was able to secure an appointment for me. I was thrilled to say the least as I had been dealing with hair fall and breakage from a harsh coloring product for over a year. I was at a loss as to what the future was going to hold for the health of my scalp and hair. Little did I know that such A PROFESSIONAL, TALENTED and CREATIVE MAN was going to offer a logical solution last Saturday! Indeed, “help was on the way”!! Upon arrival I was a bit down and had lost confidence in my appearance, but by the time the appointment ended my spirits had been completely lifted and I felt hopeful about the health of my hair!!! Glenn is a spiritual man and provides not only excellent services, but truly cares about about his clients’ feelings and their self-image. One of my favorite songs is “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban and when I hear it, I will dedicate the lyrics to Glenn each time. I was in a low place before my Saturday hair adventure with him and I truly feel blessed and my spirit lifted by this dedicated human being. I cannot thank Debbie enough for recommending and introducing us. It’s a gift that I do not take for granted. Your gifts and services are difficult to find…a rarity. I am so well aware of that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Glenn. I look forward to our appointment in four weeks!!😊 Fondly, Donna M.

Donna M.

I was sure I’d gone through the looking glass like Alice when I had my first visit to Glenn David’s Studio.

What hairdresser spends 2-1/2 hours with you?? And only you! Uses 20 pieces of heavy duty foil when adding highlights?? Mixes colors as beautifully as Michelangelo did painting the Sistine Chapel?? Takes ample time to educate you on product application and using tools effectively to do your hair at home?? Provides surroundings that gently take your mind and heart to a place of serenity and beauty?? Who does all that??? GLENN DAVID, THAT’S WHO!!! When I met Glenn, my hair needed to be in ICU or perhaps, a hearse. In fact, I told him after the first visit — as I sat stunned by what I saw in the mirror —- that he’d taken my brittle, broken, frizzy, dull, and listless hair and brought it back to life. Saying Glenn’s a master hair colorist is an understatement; my hair is luxurious with hues that give it depth and interest. Imagine having hair color mixed especially for you! It’s like you’re a movie star. I know his haircuts are great because my hair, although longer, maintains its shape between visits. Glenn will teach you about techniques, tools, and products to ensure good results at home. During every visit over the last 1-1/2 years, he listens closely to my ideas and needs, advises, and makes changes as needed. But it’s really Glenn himself that makes my visits so special. I leave feeling wonderful no matter how I felt coming in. Glenn is a caring person and has a joyous energy that always lifts my spirits! Thank you, Glenn!

Denise D.

His before and after photo gallery convinced me to give him a try–and I have zero regrets!

My previous stylist retired unexpectedly and I had no idea what I was going to do about my hair. I began a desperate on-line search and luckily, I found Glenn David’s website. His before and after photo gallery convinced me to give him a try–and I have zero regrets! Glenn is a true artist with hair. His technique is perfect and his skill with color is unmatched. He made my hair look alive again. Glenn David is THE BEST!

P. Leonard


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