“Helping you to be your own kind of beautiful.”

Color Services **

Includes: All aspects of foiling, Root touch-up, Double-process, Ombre, and Corrective coloring

Conditioning Treatments

Superior glossing treatment / plant-based hair laquer for intense shine and sunscreen that seal the color service.

Haircut & Style

Includes shampoo and conditioning The style is tailored to the individual need of each person. You will walk out with a complete blow-dried look.

** All color services include the finished style and conditioning at the sink.


Glenn uses this consultation to find out what you need, and what’s right for YOU. He will provide education on what works best for you and your long-term needs. To make the most of this consultation, please consider beforehand what you want as well as what you do NOT want, and collect pictures for inspiration.


Glenn is a Master Hair Colorist and shares his thoughts below on what this means.

To be a “MASTER” over anything; one obtains a superior skill set through continued education. However; in the world of personalized beautification; skill without talent is like an engine without purpose. I support the ongoing education and believe there is always a new aspect of color application to learn and improve upon, with regards to hair enhancement. 

My professional goal as a master colorist is to apply skill and talent to each guest’s experience. One without the other elevates the stylist only and falls short of inclusion between the stylist and guest. 

Mastering hair coloring services is a dynamic ever changing challenge as there are no two guests who are the same at the same starting point. I have acquired a reputation as a master hair colorist who rescues clients from the misfortunes of color services gone wrong. There are only 3 ways for hair color to go wrong- 1) at home dyi; 2) a stylist who is ALL skill set; and 3) a talent-only stylist who is the star.

The beginning of any successful coloring service is at the consultation. Slow to speak and long to listen! I can not overly stress the importance of the consultation between guests and service provider. This is where the guest discovers whom the provider is.

The primary goal for a master of hair coloring is to achieve the unseen POTENTIAL guests imagine or have yet to consider. Also to develop color enhancement that beautifies the guest within the realm of their minds eye. This approach welcomes the guest into the color procedure and highlights with understanding of the journey towards a more beautiful result. Sometimes people do not know what they want but more often they know what they do not want. Again talent and skill leads the way in the color journey.

The master hair colorist I aspire to be daily is that of one who reveals a guest’s own kind of beauty, and style while equipping her to replicate the finished result when away from my chair. The success of a master— is to equip and beautify all at once.

No Walk-in possible. By Appointment only