Glenn is excited to announce his revised book – And Then Came Life

AND THEN CAME LIFE is a True Life Story about God's Redeeming Power. Check back soon for a link to purchase.

David was always different from his brothers. Born and raised in the midst of South Florida’s music scene, he was labeled a sissy and mocked by neighborhood boys. Introduced to Miami’s gay nightlife, drugs, and reckless sexual escapades, he wonders if this is where he truly belongs, here in the arms of faceless strangers. Ad David wanders from one shadowy scene to another, stacking shame up shame, he chooses to ignore the concerns of his estranged family and a mysterious, but comforting, voice. Does this heavenly voice truly care?

Is David, finally plagued by disease, destroying his life forever? Based on true events, David’s story is one of misadventure, selfish exploration, disappointment, and ongoing scandal, but throughout its entirety, redeeming hope… a divine hope for life’s fresh beginning in a moment of surrender and choice. 

And then came life may be purchased within studio cash or check. Digital format not ready yet… coming soon.

Glenn welcomes the opportunity to share his life story with the public. Contact Glenn at

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